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Updated: Mar 19

With the model of a dedicated and diligent work ethic set by her endearing father, early on, Amber D. Benjamin learned the importance of hard work and putting one’s best foot forward. Having been a young mother of two sons, she needed to quickly transition from student to earner and learned typing, as well as proper resume design, and interview preparation through a welfare ready to work program. Little did she know just how well these skills would serve her in the future. A born problem solver, Amber has found her niche in Customer Service and takes great delight in providing assistance to clients and co-workers. During her 20 years in the field, Amber has received scores of awards, recognizing her contributions to client engagement and education.

In 2020, during the worldwide pandemic, Amber found herself helping clients through that very difficult time. She discovered that many were losing their jobs and they did not have the necessary skills to secure new employment. When her own son encountered job loss, she helped him create a resume and at that moment, a light bulb illuminated. Amber knew that it was time to put those skills that she had learned as a young woman to good use and set about the mission to guide job seekers through the processes necessary to get back on their feet. After doing extensive research and networking, Amber was ready for the next chapter of her professional life and Nxt Level Growth formally known as Nxt Level Consulting, Inc. was born.

With Nxt Level Growth, Amber’s goal is to build respectability, while developing her clients’ comfortability with both in person and virtual interviews. She provides many services to help her clients make their best first impression. Her resume design is lauded as clean, polished, and attention grabbing. The skills she imparts to her clients, while guiding them through proper interview preparation, is knowledge that will serve them well going forward.

Amber is a “professional creative,” offering not only job readiness tools, but also logo and business card design, business plan creation and much more. Ms. Benjamin has also started writing her own blog called "The Benjamin Daily" in which she keeps her audience seeking more with newly published content each month.

Amber takes great pride in what she does because she knows that she has the opportunity to provide services that can be life changing. You can find her smiling broadly as she reads email after email of clients that have started new employment. Contact Ms. Benjamin today as she is ready to take you to the NXT LEVEL.

Biography written by: Nicole Manns

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