Companies Hiring Remote Workers this Christmas and How You Can Be One of Them in 2020

US Christmas Job Market | Covid-19 Employment Rates

In the last 9 months, our job market has fallen victim to a virus the same ways our family and friends have. The request to work from home is becoming a social normality and as houses become accustomed to kitchen counter working, so must we. Studies from the Indeed Hiring Lab have demonstrated a considerable 11% fall in the seasonal job openings from last year to this year. On top of this, data consolidation site – Emsi – proves all US job listings have fallen by 16% (over one million jobs) with oil operators, food operators, bakers, bellhops and parking lot attendants taking the biggest hit. But, it’s important to know that the demand for some roles – namely remote roles – are on the increase. With companies looking to find workers who can adapt to permanent at-home working, the Covid-19 employment rates have forced a shift to online e-living. So, while the US Christmas job market may have depleted expectations from previous years due to the pandemic, look to the future and begin your path of remote working. Here’s how you can become a permanent work-from-home maestro:

1. Follow Routine

Whether your hours have been cut, you’ve lived through mind-numbing furlough or you’ve been the one to face redundancy through these hard times, you’re probably experiencing a level of stress or anxiety toward new job prospects.

However, the biggest tip you’ll ever receive is to keep routine and make job hunting your job.

That means getting up at the same time, making yourself presentable for an impromptu virtual interview (check out our blog on virtual interview tips) and operating during work hours to ensure you’re not destroying your evenings or becoming disorganized through the mayhem.

2. Analyze Trends in Remote Roles

As we enter the most festive time of year still stuck in our homes, trends will shift. People will be placing more online orders and needing customer service through internet and cell access.

According to studies published by Gartner, a whopping 88% of employers worldwide enforced work from home measures due to Covid-19

With that, further roles in the workplace have since been adapted to function through online means away from the office. Thus, the trends for remote working opportunities have broadened.

However, that doesn’t mean trends won’t continue to prevail at certain times of the year. As customers shop for the holiday season, many US companies are taking to the job board looking for remote customer service users.

But, keep trend-checking in order to remain above-board; prior to the onset of the holiday season, most remote working roles called for website and coding technologists.

According to studies published by Gartner, a whopping 88% of employers worldwide enforced work from home measures due to Covid-19

3. Consider Temporary Roles

While the US Christmas job market pertains, there is a bounty of temporary roles to cover increased customer activity across various business types.

For example: the current market is calling for temporary telecommunications staff and remote developers or coders to optimize and improve online website capabilities for companies across the US.

However, the Covid-19 employment rate will also boost your need to look toward temporary roles, too. In October 2020, 11 million US citizens were unemployed, yet the same period in 2019 only recorded 6 million unemployed.

So, in order to widen your prospects and chances of maintaining employment in the remote sector through the holiday season, you’ll want to beat the rising competition and take-on temporary roles.

4. Make sure your CV (resume) is Up to Date

Your CV is the one slide of paper that will work with you or against you for your aspiring position. So, make sure it’s working with you. To do this, draft a new CV where your most recent and valuable roles shine through.

When you have created a viable skeleton to showcase your skills, achievements and experiences, you’ll need to find ways you can slightly adapt it to contour to the needs of each job role.

When applying for jobs, scour the requirements like a hawk to gain select keywords

5. Companies Hiring Remote Workers this 2020 Christmas

When you’re ready, it’s key you’re aware of the businesses who are proactively seeking remote working and virtual employees during this period.

This is because you can contact them directly through connecting via professional social media sites such as LinkedIn. It shows your willingness to participate in online activities, your strong initiative to achieve through means more concrete than sending a CV to a third-party site and allows you to network with potential colleagues or bosses.

Here’s a list of contenders:

• Adecco

• Alorica

• Audio Bee

• BitWarden

• Colony Brands

• Cox Automotive

• DMV Elite

• Film Daily

• Forbes

• Freedom Mortgage

• FullStack Labs

• GHK Technologies

• Iron Systems

• Kelly Services

• Lindamood-Bell Learning

• Lola Digital Media

• PeoplePerHour

• PNC Bank

• Redjack

• Robert Half

• Scopic

• xStellar Inc.

And, now you’re ready to get your suit on and throw yourself out there for remote working roles to improve those pesky Covid-19 employment rates.

If there’s one last piece of advice to give; it would be to never underestimate your worth as an employee. You are testing and trialing a company just as much as they are with you and there’s no need to be weary of quitting just with the US Christmas job market.

If you find yourself in a role not suited to you, explain this to the company and head back to step one; make your job job-hunting. Otherwise, if you’d like help with step four, head over to Nxt Level Consulting for a professional CV re-invention.

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